Financial Assistance

Fishermen Youth Soccer is commited to making soccer accessable for everyone. If you are in need of financial assistace please follow the steps  below. If you still need support please reach out to 

Need help paying for soccer?

  Step #1     Register your child to secure their spot on a Fishermen Youth Soccer team

  • pay only what you are able to when you register


  Step #2     Wait until January 13, then Click Here to Apply for assistance from

  • Up to $150 of assistance per child
  • They require documentation of enrollment in MassHealth OR SNAP/food stamps OR WIC
  • They will fund a special Visa debit card for you to use to pay soccer fees
  • If you qualify, allow 2 weeks from time of application
  • Click Here for a short video about how to apply


  Step #3     If you still need assistance, Fishermen Youth Soccer and Cape Ann United may be able to help

  • Email and ask us to send you a Financial Aid Request Form
  • Fill out the form online and we will contact you to let you know if we are able to help