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In addition to preparing your team for each game, all coaches have additional responsibilities. Below is a list of these responsibilities:

All games: The coaches must give the referee the official laminated team roster from the county with the player's numbers listed to the left of the appropriate name. Each players hands his/her player card to the ref.

Home games: The coaches are responsible to bring the post card provided by the county to their home games. It needs to be filled in (home team, visiting team, game number (from the schedule) and the date of the game) and addressed to the appropriate county division director. This card is given to the referee before the game begins.

If your opponent has the same color uniforms, you should get pinnies for your team.

Away games tips/suggestions: For away games, determine a meeting point and time and travel as a group.  Call the opposing coach for away games a day or two before the game to confirm directions. Plan to arrive early enough to have the players to stretch, warm up and check in with the referee.

After the game: Be sure the area is clean and that all trash is properly disposed. Don't leave players waiting for rides alone. Talk to a parent that is regularly late.

Player injuries: If a player is injured during a game or a practice, this must be reported to the FYS First Aid Coordinator or other board member immediately. Details of the injury must be provided.

Rescheduling a Game: If you need to reschedule a home game, the town director must be notified well in advance. To reschedule an away game, contact the coach of the team you will be playing against.

Tournament play: (spring only) If your team goes to an ECYSA tournament, you will need to recruit a few parent volunteers to help out for 1 to 2 hours at the tournament.

Additional suggestion:
To get your team in the newspaper: All players like to see their names in the newspaper. The coach, assistant or a parent can write the game up and submit online (with photo, if available) or send by mail to The Gloucester Daily Times, Attn. Sports Dept., Whittemore St., Gloucester, MA 01930. When this is done, all players should be mentioned by name as contributing. Leaving a player's name out of the article is demoralizing.