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As the coach, you are responsible for the players on your team during practice and during games. Good sportsmanship is a very important concept to teach the players and should be a topic mentioned regularly to the players.

All players must be wearing shin guards when practicing or playing in a game of soccer. Soccer cleats are optional (be sure they are not baseball or football cleats) but they do help with traction when running. All players must wear their FYS uniform to all games.

Please be sure that when your team finishes a practice or a game that all trash is picked up and disposed of properly. There should be no trash left in the area. This will help keep our fields clean and looking presentable.

At all games, players are on one side of the field and parents are on the opposite side of the field. This is a specific rule in MYSA soccer. It allows the coach to coach without the parents close by interrupting or distracting the players.

Make sure that the playing fields that you are on are safe for the players. Fields with large holes or broken glass should not be played on until it is fixed up.