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Change Team: 

We are a 100% volunteer organization. Interested in joining us? Please take a look at the positions (below) and send a message to our Volunteer Coordinator by .



Activity Leader

Activity Leaders are the core of our pre-K to G2 programs. As an Activity Leader, you will:


  • engage players in activities that get all the players dribbling, challenging themselves and having fun
  • discover that children learn soccer fundamentals best by playing, rather than by lining up and listening
  • learn how to change the rules to get everyone involved and to create problems for players to solve
  • keep matches small (3v3 or 4v4) so that everyone gets a lot of "touches" on the ball 
  • receive training, mentoring and support from our program advisor and from our more experienced volunteers
  • be supplied with soccer balls, cones, pop-up nets and pinnies



Time Commitment:


  • depending on the age group, 45 to 75 minutes on 8 Saturday mornings
  • also, for G2 only, one 60-minute practice per week (for 7 weeks) on a weekday afternoon or early evening
  • one very helpful training session at the beginning of each season
  • about 2 hours of registration, background check, and Safesport education (when your schedule allows)