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Remember: No laps, no lines, no lectures! Let the activities do the teaching!

Each GK session should be 60 minutes of fun!

  1. Arrive early to set up your field for the first activity before the players arrive.

  2. Don't wait for everyone to arrive! As players drift onto the field, engage them with a ball or two right away!

  3. For the first 30 minutes, facilitate one or two activities.

  4. For the second 30 minutes, hold a scrimmage among your own players (two 15-minutes halves with a 5-minute water break)

TIP: Use your phone’s timer. It helps!


Advice from Roland

Be sure to check out Roland's Advice for GK Coaches. It's packed with tips for running a great session!


Resources for Activities

  • Download MOJO, a free mobile app endorsed by Mass Youth Soccer that
    will allow you to build customized practices for your team. 

  • Check out Mass Youth Soccer's practice plans for GK teams.