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A.   Sign into your account. 

  1. Click the "Sign In" link in the upper right-hand corner of this window.
  2. Enter your username and password
    NOTE: If you’ve forgotten them, the sign-in page has is a link to reset them.

B.   Click on the “Teams” tab.


C.   Find your team. 

  1. Select your program (age group).

  2. Select your team.


D.   Go to your team's schedule page.

  1. In the left vertical menu, click on "Schedule."
  2. On the right, click on "Options."
  3. In the popup menu, click on "Add Event."


E.   Add your practice, follow the steps below (scroll down to see sample page).

  1. Enter the date.

  2. Choose the start time.

  3. Choose the end time.
  4. Select the field. 
    • G2 teams practice on fields A2 through A5 at Magnolia Woods
    • G4 teams typically practice at Kettle Cove, but there is a G4 practice field at Magnola Woods.
    • G6 teams practice on the G6 fields at Magnolia Woods.
    • Consult the Magnolia Woods Field Map if you aren’t sure about which fields are which.
    • You may have to share the field with another team. 
    • If the field is overbooked, you’ll see a notice and will have to choose a different field or a different time.
  5. For the category, select “Practice.”
  6. Select your team.
  7. Enter a brief note for the team
    • 32-character limit
    • “Bring mask, water, cleats, and shins” is one possibility
    • The note will be included in reminder emails and texts and will be shown on the team’s schedule.
  8. Automatially notify your team about the practice.
    • Check all the boxes to automatically notify your team by email and text. They will also receive automatic reminder emails and texts.
    • Uncheck the boxes if you do NOT want your team notified.
  9. Click "Submit" to finalize the practice.